CME Medical Conferences in Delhi

HECT INDIA- CONTINUOUS MEDICAL EDUCATION EVENT ORGANIZER Despite our focus on corporate events, we also have expertise in organizing national and international Medical Conference, Medical Meetings and CME events. Continuing Medical Education consists of educational activities that help those in the medical field maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas of their field and enhance skill and knowledge.
For organizing a CME, there is considerable responsibility of following the appropriate curriculum for the meeting and above all confidentiality of the discussion. HECT INDIA understands the principal and accurate approach of organizing an effective CME Event.


Selecting a right hostess is a major concern for Continuous Medical Education event, as she should have experience in the ECM industry because of the variety of documents, questionnaires, etc. to be submitted to the participants. The other sticking point is right location, CME is not organized anywhere near beach side or winter ski resort, nothing historic or charming venue or 5 star hotel. HECT INDIA understands such minute requirements for the event and does the arrangements accordingly. We have partnered with the best hotels, both in India and abroad, and we can offer the best rooms and the best conference venues at favourable rates for the client.


We have vast experience in organizing small to large medical association meetings with international and domestic participation. We manage the painless flow of the event efficiently. We handle medical association meetings with latest technology and effective communication to ensure excellence.
Our expertise and knowledge of organizing Medical Association Meetings and Conferences directly benefits our clients. Our long term partnership with Medical association and dedicated team are the key contributors to our constant performance, making us the market leaders in Medical conference and meetings management.