HECT INDIA- Specialist in Organizing Doctor’s Conference

In spite of having our focus on corporate events, we also render service in organizing national and international Doctor’s Conference. With the immense support of highly professional event managers, HECT INDIA provides best and customized service as per the industry/profession.
We have been organising conference for Medical, Paramedical and Healthcare Professionals. We have worked for many Government and Corporate Hospitals & Institutions, Medical Colleges and Research Organizations, Healthcare Companies. We have organised other events related to Health Industry such as Medical Festivals, Award Ceremonies, and Blood Donation Camps etc.
We have partnered with the best hotels & Institutes, both in India and abroad, hence we offer the best conference venues at favourable rates for the client.


We have vast experience in organizing Doctor’s Conference, our focus remains on running the flow of the conference uninterruptedly. We use latest technology and effective communication to ensure excellence.


Our expertise and knowledge of organizing conference for a large number of hospitals and Medical Association Meetings directly benefits our clients. Being pro-active is our approach while dealing with the client. Along with creative approach, friendly and attentive service, we have expertise to deliver valued service.
HECT INDIA ensures that all the events are designed and customized to justify intention of the event, to compliment the image and integrity of the Institution/Hospital/Organization and to meet the expectations of the organizers.
As an expert in organising medical event management company, our priority lies in gaining an in-depth understanding of the event to be organised, what the Organizer hope to achieve and what our Event Management Company can do to deliver the best result that not only beat the immediate expected outcomes, but also the long term impact of the events.
HECT INDIA looks forward to organise an affordable and quality health medical conference, Seminar, Workshop, Symposium, Medical Program and other Health related event for Medical Professionals / Institute / Hospitals.